Colby Park

Tucked between Telegraph and Claremont Avenues on 61st Street is one of my favorite places in Oakland - Colby Park. Here 61st Street opens up for half a block to a provide an oblong shaped court with grass, trees, and shrubs. Colby Park is remarkably small - looking at a satellite view, you barely realize it is there. Its presence, however, is far larger than the space it inhabits. Having grown up on a 1950's version of a court park (in a neighborhood full of them), I can attest to how big an impact a small park such as this can make. It becomes a neighborhood gathering place, especially for kids. But it also serves as a place to get away from the house. The grove of trees at the eastern edge of Colby Park provide just enough privacy to be able to while away an hour with a nap or a good book.

Apparently, there has been some dispute of late regarding communal toys left in the park. I have some thoughts, but I'll keep them to myself for now, and just encourage you to walk by, if you find yourself in the neighborhood.

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Anonymous said...

I live near this park and love it! It's great to see so many kids playing and I kind of like the toys left for communal use. Makes it feel more like a community.