Pushing Buttons

Why is it that in Oakland, that if you want to cross a street and you are driving you just pull up and wait, but if you are walking, you have to push a button?


East of Alameda said...

Even worse, most loop detectors which pick up cars at intersections aren't calibrated to properly pick up bicycle wheels. That means a bicyclist will have to go up on to the sidewalk to push the walk button and then go back into the street again. It's a very awkward operation.

There is state legislation requiring all loop detectors to pick up bicycle wheels, but loop detectors already in place are grandfathered in. Only during a major resurfacing project are new loop detectors put in, and even then a lot of DPW's forget to recalibrate the loops.

Anonymous said...

bicyclists stop at stoplights?

John said...

This is something that has bothered me since I started running several years ago. If I miss my opportunity to press the button at the right time in the cycle, I have to wait through several additional traffic light cycles. I often feel like Don Quixote when moaning about this issue to other urban planners and transportation types.

Raymond Johnson said...


Some bicyclists do stop at lights, but they shouldn't. See my post on the Idaho Stop from 2009 Arpil.