Stirring the Ballpark

(Victory Court | New A's Ballpark)

At this point it is hard to say if any of it is true, but we now have owner Lew Wolff denying the Oakland A's are for sale in the Oakland Tribune, stemming from a piece by Mattier & Ross in yesterday's SF Chronicle. New A's Ballpark has a rundown on some ins and outs beyond me. Regardless, I like the pressure this puts on Lew Wolff, and on baseball commissioner Bud Selig to make a decision regarding territorial rights. And after Mr. Wolff seemed to call Mr. Selig a liar in public by claiming that territorial rights don't exist, the very thing Mr. Selig has been spending the last 3 years deciding, I am hopeful of this perhaps resolving in Oakland's favor. Hearing in the Oakland Tribune piece that Mayor Jean Quan is putting Victory Court (pictured above) back on the table, by far the best of the current A's ballpark options, is icing on the cake.

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