Broadway Shuttle on NextBus

Via ABO's twitter feed, I learned that finally the Broadway Shuttle is on NextBus. In a test run yesterday, I noticed similar problems with timing I found when NextBus first arrived, but those seem to have since worked themselves out, so I'm hopeful.

I'm amazed this service didn't launch with NextBus. A good deal of the FreeB's utility derives from the fact that one can take it on short hops during a lunch hour to save time and increase the range of accessible places. It helps not to have to wait 10 minutes on the front end of the trip.

Overall I love the Broadway Shuttle, and think it is a great addition to both AC Transit and downtown Oakland. I've been taking it once or twice a week since service began, and it appears to be well used. I have further thoughts that I've been meaning to write for months, which I hope to get to soon. Stay tuned.

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Zach Seal said...

I'm glad to hear you find the Broadway Shuttle useful. NextBus can be hit or miss at times, but overall you are right that it enhances the utility of the service. Feel free to share additional comments and feedback at zseal@oaklandnet.com

Zach Seal, Broadway Shuttle Project Manager

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