Seeing Orange

Across the Bay this week is Dutch Design Week SF, which "presents the best of the Dutch creative industries in all areas of design." As you can see from a few of my previous posts, I'm a bit of a Dutch designphile. The image above is of Wilo by Benthem Crouwel Architects, which was Daily Dose of Architecture #457.

Tonight is a lecture by Karen Van Den Brandt and Alex Clay of Lesley Moore. Afterwards, the results of a weekend workshop they held at the CCA will be presented. I'm hoping the workshop perhaps addressed the awful graphics of AC Transit.

On Wednesday will be a lecture by Caroline Bos on the Deep Planning of UNStudio. I'm a bit skeptical that there is all that much to it, so I'm looking forward to learning more. Regardless, from what I've seen their architectural and graphic work is beautiful, so if nothing else it should be a visually interesting lecture. See you in Orange!


Meghan Ward said...

"Seeing orange" makes me think of Molly's story last night about the houses in Detroit being painted orange and then covered in ice to look like popsicles. It was great to meet you last night at the BlogOakSpere party, but now I forget your name! (Did you even have a name tag on?) I'm not-Angela, ie Meghan, from Writerland.

Meghan Ward said...

Weird. I commented here a couple of days ago, and it didn't post. I said that this reminds me of the creamsicle houses in Detroit Molly talked about at the ?Blogoaksphere party. Nice to meet you, but I forget your first name, and I can't find it posted on your blog. I'm not-Angela, Meghan (of Writerland.com) :)